Secure Payments

All the transactions that occur with  are governed by International and European Common Law, and also the Law of Protection of Consumers (N.2251/1994), concerning web commerce and sales from distance.

For the safety of your personal information and the electronic transactions, we are using the latest technology and follow the latest progress in digital encrypting.

Recognition of the customer
During the procedure of creating your account, you are asked to fill in your own choice for a USERNAME or your E-MAIL and your personal code. You are the only one that knows this CODE, and under no circumstance should you reveal it to another person, because you have the responsibility of keeping it secret, you may change the code every time you believe that your code has been revealed to another person.

If you distance yourself from the appliance that you are using for your internet access for a period of time longer than 30 minutes, and you have forgotten to disconnect (log off), then automatically will disconnect you for safety reasons.

Declaration of Protection of Personal Information

By using the e-store (web shop)  it automatically means that you accept and agree with all of its conditions.

In general:
For the communication, correct execution of the order and dispatch of the products that you chose from  it is self-evident that you will be asked for personal information that are used in common transactions, for example your name tax number , electronic and natural address etc.

This information is kept in a safe electronic environment an under no circumstance are they given to third parties, with the exception of the competent federal authorities when there are reasons according to the law and after written demand from the district attorney.

Simultaneously the associates of that have access to this kind of information are classified executives of our company, with authorization and limited access that concerns only the processing of your order or/ your facilitation in case of a technical problem,  the reset of your code etc.

Some of your personal information may be given to third cooperating companies, but only after your consent with a relevant form and only for marketing reasons that bring profit to you. In every case we are bounded that your personal information will not be used malign inducing any kind of damage to you or your business.

With a written and signed request and according to the law (n.2472/1997) you can request at any time the change or deletion of your personal information from the data base of

Gathering of information:
The web shop allows you to browse at its pages and look for products and information, without it necessary to become members or give your personal information. But it is necessary for obvious reasons, which originate from transactional habits, to give your personal information when you wish to order products, to become members or to receive information and advertising newsletters.

Categories of personal information and their use:

  1. Information that is needed for the purchase of products and becoming a member (for example name, e-mail address, phone number)
  2. Information that is necessary for the execution and dispatch of the order (address, phone number or cell number , fax , ID number)
  3. Information necessary for the issue of the legal tax documentation (tax number, company name, occupation)
  4. Information for the participation in research for the improvement of the services we give at (type of internet, speed, products you intend to buy in the future etc.)
  5. Information for participation in advertising (for example name, e-mail address)
  6. Platforms for rss feed, social media sharing etc. Like cell phone number, address profile on social media etc.

Cookies and Web beacons
For your better service and our improvement uses small recognition archives (alpharithmitical data packages) , known as cookies. This for your convenience so you don’t have to type your personal information all the time and immediate access since your recognition is automatic from the system. Cookies are necessary because they improve the function of the site making it “smarter” and friendlier, and doesn’t affect your computer and delete automatically every time you disconnect or get you of the site.

Web beacons, known as technology single pixel or clear gif or action tags, may at some point be used by for research and statistic reasons. This technology shows us which visitors clicked at a connection or banner, or which visitors answered to a message or newsletter. The Web beacons cooperate with cookies with a goal of improving the function and usefulness of the site. If you do not want the use of cookies you must check the browser you use.

Periodical changes
The administer company of haw the right to change the conditions of this statement without former notice. For this reason we advise you to periodically and often read these conditions for changes and alternations or extensions. The same applies for the changes in the structure and content of the site, for the improvement of the function and always according to the commercial policy of the web-shop.