About www.SeaHeartCreations.gr:

Sea Heart Creations is much more than just a modern e-shop…. It’s an integrated presentation, a modern exhibition of all of the hand-made creations of the artist Maria Barberopoulou inspired by the sea and Nature. Every creation or piece of art is hand-made and unique, made with special care and with total respect towards the environment. Especially we emphasize that wooden creations are made from pieces of wood found on the shores of the Dodecanese islands and Evvoia, no trees were cut for them to be made.

The experience of buying from seaheartcreations.gr is unique:
On Seaheart Creations every creation is presented with every detail -size, dimension, and the materials used- and simultaneously we have given extra care and attention to approach every creation with imaginative pictures that show the story behind and the use of it. So e- buying from us upgrades the process to a wonderful voyage of colors and natural materials and besides the classic benefits , it is safe and fun.

Enjoy the vivid reflections of the sea and wind, through the three dimensional paintings, the lamps, and the decorations of “Nautical Art” and “Fos Creations” or enrich your everyday life with the sea breeze you can feel with the utilitarian objects and creations of the “Home Accessories” and “Fabrics”. Besides, every object shows its individuality, because the inspiration comes from the shape that Nature herself first gave, using all its strongest elements.

Warnings - Precautions / Notifications:

  • All products are handmade, unique and not standardized. If a product does not appear as available ("In Stock"), there is always the possibility of reconstruction, if there is a reference or information available under the section ("Upon Order"). If you wish to order, you should take into consideration that the final product will differ slightly from the original in terms of their natural color and shape, or artificial color wherever it has been applied, due to the use of natural - one of a kind - products such as sea wood, natural stone or Karystian slate.
  • During the manufacturing process of the products containing wood elements to weld with each other, waterproof wood glue and wooden dowels and / or metal fasteners have been used, wherever it was considered necessary. For this reason, the product should be placed, kept or stored in a shady and cool place, otherwise there is a risk of product deterioration and / or detachment.
  • In the artworks that are mounted on dashboards, the background is made of marine ply wood and is hand-painted with water soluble colours. For this reason it should not be placed outdoors. For a safer wall mounting, there are metal holders on the back.