Terms & Conditions

1. About www.SeaHeartCreations.gr:

Sea Heart Creations is much more than just a modern e-shop…. It’s an integrated presentation, a modern exhibition of all of the hand-made creations of the artist Maria Barberopoulou inspired by the sea and Nature. Every creation or piece of art is hand-made and unique, made with special care and with total respect towards the environment. Especially we emphasize that wooden creations are made from pieces of wood found on the shores of the Dodecanese islands and Evvoia, no trees were cut for them to be made.

The experience of buying from seaheartcreations.gr is unique:
On Seaheart Creations every creation is presented with every detail -size, dimension, and the materials used- and simultaneously we have given extra care and attention to approach every creation with imaginative pictures that show the story behind and the use of it. So e- buying from us upgrades the process to a wonderful voyage of colors and natural materials and besides the classic benefits , it is safe and fun.

Enjoy the vivid reflections of the sea and wind, through the three dimensional paintings, the lamps, and the decorations of “Nautical Art” and “Fos Creations” or enrich your everyday life with the sea breeze you can feel with the utilitarian objects and creations of the “Home Accessories” and “Fabrics”. Besides, every object shows its individuality, because the inspiration comes from the shape that Nature herself first gave, using all its strongest elements.

Warnings - Precautions / Notifications:

  • All products are handmade, unique and not standardized. If a product does not appear as available ("In Stock"), there is always the possibility of reconstruction, if there is a reference or information available under the section ("Upon Order"). If you wish to order, you should take into consideration that the final product will differ slightly from the original in terms of their natural color and shape, or artificial color wherever it has been applied, due to the use of natural - one of a kind - products such as sea wood, natural stone or Karystian slate.
  • During the manufacturing process of the products containing wood elements to weld with each other, waterproof wood glue and wooden dowels and / or metal fasteners have been used, wherever it was considered necessary. For this reason, the product should be placed, kept or stored in a shady and cool place, otherwise there is a risk of product deterioration and / or detachment.
  • In the artworks that are mounted on dashboards, the background is made of marine ply wood and is hand-painted with water soluble colours. For this reason it should not be placed outdoors. For a safer wall mounting, there are metal holders on the back.

2. How to Order

Complete your order following a few simple steps! We recommend with no caution ordering from the pleasant, friendly and safe environment of seaheartcreations.gr . All you have to do is to create your own personal account, and you can obtain these exceptional handmade creations, inspired by the sea.

Follow one by one these steps and live the experience of e-buying:

1st step: If you are a new customer, carefully read the Terms and Conditions of use.
2st step: Find the product or products you want.
3st step: Add the product or products in your shopping basket.
4st step: Checkout.
5st step: Choose the way you want the products to be sent and the payment method.
6st step: Check your order, you can add or delete products or change the quantity.
7st step: Confirm your order and send.

You will receive a confirmation of your order by e-mail and you will be automatically informed for the progress of your order.
For further information or clarifications you may need, you are free to communicate with us by phone or at our e-mail address info@seaheartcreations.gr.

3. Payment Methods

1. Payment upon delivery

This method is available only for purchases with destination Greece and there is a small charge of which you are informed when you order. When you choose this payment option , you pay when you receive the merchandise at the place of your choice, or at the courier office. This option is not available when your order is delivered by transport companies cause of large size.

All orders over 200 EURO, will have to be paid by bank deposit or through PayPal.

All our international customers can choose pay options 2 or 3 as described below:

2. Bank Deposit

You have the possibility to deposit the amount of your order or transfer it through the web-banking services of your bank  (if you have a web banking account) in the following account numbers:

EUROBANK:     IBAN GR7802602990000020200855112-BIC:ERBKGRAA
ALPHA BANK : IBAN  GR1201405930593002002012873-BIC:CRBAGRAA

If you choose this paying option you will have to send us an e-mail at info@seaheartcreations.gr or a fax at 0030 2241026666 with the deposit receipt or the electronic receipt of the transaction where the transaction reference number is shown, in case you used web-banking services.

In both cases 1-2 days extra may be required for your deposit to be confirmed and your order to be sent.

3. PayPal

For the use of PAYPAL, which is the most popular and safest payment option, you have to create this type of account.

4. Shipping Methods

The computation of the delivery cost and methods:

The delivery cost is determined by the size and weight of the order, the country of destination and the delivery method (for example: courier - express delivery company or transportation company - agent)

National Deliveries:

For Greece the following apply:

Services in the city of Rhodes: for objects up to 2 kilograms and dimensions of packaging up to 60 cm, they will be distributed with courier (express) services the next day, with a charge of 3 Euros, and a charge of 1 Euro for every extra kilogram.

Services outside the city of Rhodes: For objects that weigh up to 2 kilograms and with dimensions up to 60 cm, they will be distributed with courier services after 2-3 days, with 3,50 Euros charge and 1 Euro for every extra kilogram.

Specifically the following method of calculation is used:

Delivery Cost

Delivery in Rhodes-under two kilograms

3,00 €

Delivery outside Rhodes-under two kilograms

3,50 €

Every extra kilogram

1,00 €

Surcharge for payment upon delivery

3,00 €

Delivery at a preset time or on Saturday

3,00 €

In the case that an object has even one dimension of its package larger than 60 cm, then the volumetric weight is calculated also, and the larger of the two is  billed, either the volumetric weight or the actual weight. The volumetric weight is calculated as kilograms, if we multiply the three dimensions of the package (in centimeters) and divide by 5.000.

In other words the equation that applies is:  (Length in cm) X(Height in cm)x(Width in cm)/5.000= volumetric weight (in kilos)

For  very large in volume and weight orders, please communicate directly with us or write a relevant note in the comment box that opens during the confirmation of the order.

For orders that are delivered by transportation company –agency,  you pay the cost of the delivery to the transportation company-agency .

International Deliveries:
The system automatically calculates the cost of your order, depending on the volume, the weight and the country of destination. This is why it is important to fill in correctly the delivery address and the postal code of the area. For the whole delivery cost you are informed before the completion of the order. The international deliveries are made by ordinary package mail services, and the delivery time varies from 1 to 3 weeks or more depending on the country of destination. Specifically the following method of calculation is used:

ELTA Courier
SPM - Special Priority Mail (Airmail)
Weight (Kgr) ZONE 1
(European Union)
(Rest of Europe & Mediterranean)
(USA & Canada)
(Medium & Far East)
(Rest of World)
0,50 20,40 € 23,80 € 22,95 € 25,50 € 29,75 €
1,00 30,60 € 34,85 € 34,00 € 39,10 € 44,20 €
1,50 35,70 € 40,80 € 40,80 € 46,75 € 53,55 €
2,00 40,80 € 47,60 € 46,75 € 54,40 € 62,90 €
2,50 46,75 € 53,55 € 53,55 € 62,05 € 72,25 €
3,00 53,55 € 64,60 € 64,60 € 74,80 € 88,40 €
3,50 61,20 € 75,65 € 75,65 € 87,55 € 103,70 €
4,00 68,00 € 86,70 € 86,70 € 101,15 € 119,85 €
4,50 75,65 € 97,75 € 97,75 € 113,90 € 135,15 €
5,00 82,45 € 108,80 € 108,80 € 127,50 € 151,30 €
5,50 85,85 € 113,05 € 113,90 € 132,60 € 157,25 €
6,00 89,25 € 117,30 € 118,15 € 137,70 € 164,05 €
6,50 92,65 € 121,55 € 122,40 € 143,65 € 170,00 €
7,00 96,05 € 126,65 € 127,50 € 148,75 € 176,80 €
7,50 99,45 € 130,90 € 131,75 € 153,85 € 182,75 €
8,00 102,85 € 135,15 € 136,00 € 159,80 € 189,55 €
8,50 106,25 € 139,40 € 141,10 € 164,90 € 195,50 €
9,00 109,65 € 143,65 € 145,35 € 170,00 € 202,30 €
9,50 113,05 € 147,90 € 149,60 € 175,95 € 208,25 €
10,00 116,45 € 152,15 € 154,70 € 181,05 € 215,05 €

If you wish your order to be sent by an express transportation service (prices), please communicate with us at the e-mail address : info@seaheartcreations.gr or ask us to communicate with you  in the specific comment area and we will communicate with you to inform you of any difference in the delivery cost.

CAUTION: If your order is from a country that is not in the European Union , it is very possible that you will be burdened with duties, taxes  and other charges for custom clearance when the merchandise  enter your country. Please be informed of the import legislation of your country before ordering.  For the businesses that request for an invoice and have their headquarters a country of the European Union that participates in the intra-Community system, it is necessary that they have joined this system according to the conditions of their national tax legislation.

5. Product Return Policy

Policy for returning products and order cancelling

t Sea Heart Creations are initial goal is your service, with purchases that totally satisfy you. Knowing beforehand that all our products are hand-made, and so are not standard, we inform you  that there will be some small differences from the samples  that are shown in the pictures , that refer in detail to the information of the product. Before you finish the order, carefully read all of the information that inscribed with every product, and the warnings, so we can exclude the possibility, that you will be burdened with the procedure  of the return or/ replacement of the product.

If the product that you have received, deviates as described in the information of the product, you do not have the right to return the product. In case that your order hasn’t been correctly executed  by us, and you have received  totally different products and not what you ordered , or when they have been cost wrongfully or have been partly or totally destroyed during transportation due to bad packaging, then according to the national and international legislation of Commercial Common Law  and the Protection Of the Consumer , we recognize your right  to return the products that you have bought and to ask for their replacement, without any returning expense.

And so to avoid any displeasure, it would be better to communicate with us at our e-mail address  info@seaheartcreations.gr or call us at 00302241036666 so we can examine all the possibilities for your immediate service.

Order Cancellation-Right to Withdrawal

In case you just changed your mind about your order or didn’t choose the right product, communicate immediately with us, so we can find alternative solutions, depending on the progress and the stage that your order is at. In this situation if your order has been already sent you will be charged with returning expenses.

The products that you return must be in the same condition as when received, they must not be damaged, the protective accessories must not be removed and the initial packaging must not be destroyed. It is also necessary, all the documents that have been issued, like the receipt, the invoice, the delivery note must accompany the product.

You have the right to return the product 1 week after you have received the product. After this time has passed seaheartcreations.gr has the right not to accept the return of the product.

For our international customers the time span for the return is 20 days.

6. Secure Payments

All the transactions that occur with seaheartcreations.gr  are governed by International and European Common Law, and also the Law of Protection of Consumers (N.2251/1994), concerning web commerce and sales from distance.

For the safety of your personal information and the electronic transactions, we are using the latest technology and follow the latest progress in digital encrypting.

Recognition of the customer
During the procedure of creating your account, you are asked to fill in your own choice for a USERNAME or your E-MAIL and your personal code. You are the only one that knows this CODE, and under no circumstance should you reveal it to another person, because you have the responsibility of keeping it secret, you may change the code every time you believe that your code has been revealed to another person.

If you distance yourself from the appliance that you are using for your internet access for a period of time longer than 30 minutes, and you have forgotten to disconnect (log off), then automatically seaheartcreations.gr will disconnect you for safety reasons.

Declaration of Protection of Personal Information

By using the e-store (web shop) seaheartcreations.gr  it automatically means that you accept and agree with all of its conditions.

In general:
For the communication, correct execution of the order and dispatch of the products that you chose from seaheartcreations.gr  it is self-evident that you will be asked for personal information that are used in common transactions, for example your name tax number , electronic and natural address etc.

This information is kept in a safe electronic environment an under no circumstance are they given to third parties, with the exception of the competent federal authorities when there are reasons according to the law and after written demand from the district attorney.

Simultaneously the associates of seaheartcreations.gr that have access to this kind of information are classified executives of our company, with authorization and limited access that concerns only the processing of your order or/ your facilitation in case of a technical problem,  the reset of your code etc.

Some of your personal information may be given to third cooperating companies, but only after your consent with a relevant form and only for marketing reasons that bring profit to you. In every case we are bounded that your personal information will not be used malign inducing any kind of damage to you or your business.

With a written and signed request and according to the law (n.2472/1997) you can request at any time the change or deletion of your personal information from the data base of seaheartcreations.gr.

Gathering of information:
The web shop seaheartcreations.gr allows you to browse at its pages and look for products and information, without it necessary to become members or give your personal information. But it is necessary for obvious reasons, which originate from transactional habits, to give your personal information when you wish to order products, to become members or to receive information and advertising newsletters.

Categories of personal information and their use:

  1. Information that is needed for the purchase of products and becoming a member (for example name, e-mail address, phone number)
  2. Information that is necessary for the execution and dispatch of the order (address, phone number or cell number , fax , ID number)
  3. Information necessary for the issue of the legal tax documentation (tax number, company name, occupation)
  4. Information for the participation in research for the improvement of the services we give at seaheartcreations.gr (type of internet, speed, products you intend to buy in the future etc.)
  5. Information for participation in advertising (for example name, e-mail address)
  6. Platforms for rss feed, social media sharing etc. Like cell phone number, address profile on social media etc.

Cookies and Web beacons
For your better service and our improvement  seaheartcreations.gr uses small recognition archives (alpharithmitical data packages) , known as cookies. This for your convenience so you don’t have to type your personal information all the time and immediate access since your recognition is automatic from the system. Cookies are necessary because they improve the function of the site making it “smarter” and friendlier, and doesn’t affect your computer and delete automatically every time you disconnect or get you of the site.

Web beacons, known as technology single pixel or clear gif or action tags, may at some point be used by seaheartcreations.gr for research and statistic reasons. This technology shows us which visitors clicked at a connection or banner, or which visitors answered to a message or newsletter. The Web beacons cooperate with cookies with a goal of improving the function and usefulness of the site. If you do not want the use of cookies you must check the browser you use.

Periodical changes
The administer company of seaheartcreation.gr haw the right to change the conditions of this statement without former notice. For this reason we advise you to periodically and often read these conditions for changes and alternations or extensions. The same applies for the changes in the structure and content of the site, for the improvement of the function and always according to the commercial policy of the web-shop.